1. The girl child 'Lucy' is in poem written by-
a. Jhon keats
b. William Wordsworth
c. William Shakespeare
d. P.B. Shelly

2. Each boys-------------- playing the cricket.
a. are             
b. is
c. has             
d. were
3. What is a function word ?
a. However
b. booting
c. principal
d. someone

4. He as well as his friends____ bought toys.
a. Have
b. Are
c.  Has
d. Were

5. A letter was _______ by this girl.
a. write
B. wrote
c. written
d. none of these
6. The man is _______ of one eye.
a. Deaf
b. Blind
c. Dumb
d. Handicap

7. Synonym of 'Greedy'.
a. selfish
c. Surly
d. Snob

8. Synonym of 'fairy'-
a. Elf
b. Ghost
c. Witch
d. Pip

9. An essay was ___ read by Sulekha.
a. Be
b. been
c. being
d. none

10. Oral Composition develops:
a. Speaking Ability
b. Confidence
c. creative Ability
d. All the above.
Answers: 1-b  2-b  3-b  4-c  5-c  6-b  7-b  8-a  9-c  10-d

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