1. Identity the odd word from the following?
a. Fool
d. Sane

2.'Fair is Foul and foul is fair'-
a. Hyperbole
c. Metaphor
d. Simile
3. I want to introduce ---------------in front of all.
a. me           
b. my
c. myself       
d. none of these

4. Synonyms of 'Swift'
a. very fast
b. expeditious
c. nimble
d. All of these

5. The two kinds of vocabulary are:
a. Active and Passive vocabulary
b. Indian and Foreign vocabulary
c. Little and Large vocabulary
d. None of these
6. Prime Minister has distributed the blanket _____ the poor.
a. Amongst
b. Between
c. Among
d. None of these

7. Village after village _____ destroyed.
a. were
b. was
c. are
d. none of these

8. Find the odd word:
a. Haughty
b. Egoist
c. Snob
d. Sluggish

9. Veera has not been playing _____ two hours.
a. for
b. from
c. since
d. none

10. Antonym of Generous -
a. Big hearted
b. Benevolent
c. Attristic
d. Malevolent
Answers: 1-d  2-b  3-c  4-d  5-a  6-c  7-b  8-d  9-a  10-d
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