1. Synonym of 'Prominent’
a. Ethical           
b. Harmony
c. Conspicuous   
d. Elective

2. Which method of learning does gestalt psychology emphasize upon?
a. Initiations method
b. Associative
c. Whole to part method
d. Trial & error method

3. Synonym of "Ardent"
a. Precipitously
b. Revive
c. Passionate
d. Reign

4. "Poos ki Raat' is written by which famous author?
a. Munshi Premchand
b. Sarojini naidu
c. Jai Shankar Prasad
d. R.K. Laxman

5. Which language is regarded second language in India-
a. Hindi
b. Sanskrit
c. English
d. None of these

6. At the early stage…... translation should be stressed.
a. Oral
b. Written
c. Guided
d. Free

7. Antonym of 'Ingenious’ -
b. Creative
c. Imaginative
d. Foolish

8.On which skill does the structural approach lays more emphasis?
a. Listening
b. Reading
c. Speaking
d. Writing

9. Start ……...your homework.
a. Do
b. Done
c. Doing
d. Did

10. Odd word:-
a. Entrusted
b. Ensured
c. responsible
d. Necessary

                        Answers: -   1-c  2-c  3-c   4-a  5-c  6-a   7-d   8-c  9-c   10-a  

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