1. Ramesh is ____ same boy who has filched expensive diamond.
a. An
b. The
c. A
d. None

2. Which word is Reflexive Pronoun.
a. mine
b. yourself
c. your
d. yours

3. Synonym of 'Rigid'
a. Irresolute
b. Limber
c. Stiff
d. Strapping

4. Inspite of____ a police man , he did not support a innocent girl.
a. be
b. bee
c. being
d. become

5. He is ….. intelligent that he can not be cheated.
a. To
b. so
C. too
d. None of these

6. We must try to preserve our….. won liberty.
a. hardly
b. hard
c. harded
d. hards

7- Antonym of 'Extrovert'
a.  Introvert
b. Lavish
c. Viligent
d.  Bully

8. _____ Pinky was playing cricket, she fell down and hurt herself.
a. As
b. Since
c. While
d. As soon as

9. Look _____ what you have _______ to the paining?
a. at, done
b. after, drawn
c. over, marked
d. for, sketched

10. Which word is Adverb-
a. Success
b. Candid
c. Suddenly
d. Longer

                            Answers:  1-d  2-b  3-c  4-c  5-b  6-b  7-a  8-c  9-a  10-c

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