1. Choose the incorrectly spelt word.
A. Nonconformist
B. Constitution
C. Subsequent
D. Fundamental

2. Find the opposite meaning of-
A. Envaporated
B. Died
C. Invisible
D. Vanished

3. Find best expresses the meaning of idiom/phrase.
Rain cats and dogs
A. Full of difficulties
B. Raining heavity
C. Very affluent
D. To be indiqent

4. The facebook website was…..On February 4, 2004 by mark zuckerberg.
A. Sourced
B. Folded
C. Expanded
D. Eviscerated

5. Privacy is important not …… because it advances the cause of equality and freedom but also because it is in and of itself, a treasurable value.
A. Obscurely
B. Vividly
C. Seemingly
D. Merely

6. Choose the best expresses of given idiom/phrase.
Run amok
A. Evade something
B. Avoid a argument
C. To be out of control
D. To be argumentative

7. Find the opposite meaning of -
A. Poignancy
B. Resentment
C. Confidence
D. Aliveness

8. Which of the following is not the general aim of teaching prose.
A. To develop student’s interest in reducing
B. To develop understanding of gist in students
C. To develop critical thinking of students
D. To develop comprehension ability of student

9. Which of the following is not included in the teaching of prose.
A. Story
B. Novel
C. Composition
D. Poetry

10. Find the similar meaning of give word-
A. Mantle
B. Revetment
C. Qualm
D. Cordiality

ANS - 1-C 2-D 3-B 4-C 5-D 6-C 7-C 8-B 9-D 10-C


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