English one liners-3

1: I ... there with a group of school. Fill the correct form of verb.

2: The person _________you met this morning was my aunt. Complete the sentence.

3: word “usually” is example of which one, adverb or adjective? 

4: fill in the blanks, He asked us___ show our result.

5: Synonym of ‘well-off’ is-------.

6: "What time does the bus arrive?" he asked. Write the indirect form of given sentence.
-He asked what time the bus arrived.

7: I left my shoes under the table. The bold word is example of which ‘part of speech’?

8: write the antonym of defeat?

9: We looked at all of the paintings in the exhibition. In the given sentence bold word is example of---------- verb.

10: The word ‘anarchy’ is used for-
-absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual.

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