English one liners-2

1: “Neha went for a walk yesterday and her feet hurt today.” In given sentence bold word is example of which noun?
-Plural noun

2: “Alok's mother told him to take out the puppy.” In given sentence which word is example of pronoun?

3: “My father______ me this story book yesterday”. Fill correct form of verb in given sentence.

4: Veeru came home from cricket with a filthy uniform. In given sentence find out adjective.

5: what is the antonym of severe?

6: Which word is the correct synonym for ‘bent’?

7: I think he spent the entire night ______ the phone.

8: A short word to express emotion known as?

9: what is the one-word substitution for the following phrase “A critical judge of any art and craft”?

10: what is the correct meaning of word assume?
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