UPTET Special Question- 2 English

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Directions (Q. Nos. 97-111) Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.

97.  Which one of the following is the most important prerequisite for language learning ?
A.  Children's motivation to learn the language
B.  List of aims and objectives of the language to be learnt
C.  Providing a good textbook to children to learn the language
D.  Using structural-situational approach while teaching
Ans - A

98.  A teacher asks students of Class III to describe their best friend. She writes the students responses on the blackboard. At last, she states that all these describing words on the blackboard are adjectives. This is
A.  Immersion method
B.  Incidental method
C.  Inductive method
D.  Deductive method
Ans - C ( Inductive method में teacher पहले example देता है या students से लेता है और फिर उसके बाद theory या concept पर आता है।

99.  The rise and fall of tone is
A.  intonation
B.  pronunciation
C. stress
D.  strain
Ans - A

100.  Which one of the following is most important about storytelling?
A.  It broadens their knowledge about various authors.
B.  It enhances graded pattern and structure.
C.  It promotes whole language approach.
D.  It is an effective way of learning vocabulary.
Ans - D

101.  Dictation does not help learners to
A.  increase their concentration
B.  improve their reading skill
C.  improve their spelling
D.  enhance their listening comprehension
Ans - B

102.  An English teacher after completing a chapter from the textbook asks questions based on the text to
A.  maintain class discipline
B.  keep students busy as the chapter is complete
C.  attract students attention
D.  know their comprehensin
Ans - D

103.  Shreya, a teacher of Class IV, asked the learners to complete the dialogue in the given boxes and then to role-play the same using their dialogues. She is developing
A.  speaking and writing skills
B.  all, listening, writing, reading and speaking skills
C.  listening and speaking skills
D.  reading and writing skills
Ans - B

104.  Which one of the following cannot be bused in formative assessment ?
A.  Debate
B.  Olympiad
C.  Retelling stories
D.  Role play
Ans - B ( दिए गए विकल्पों में से Olympiad का प्रयोग formative assessment में नहीं किया जा सकता। )

105.  Teaching-Learning Material (TLM) should be used by teachers as it
A.  is not very expierence
B.  motivates learners to further prepare such material at home
C.  supplements teaching-learning process
D.  prepares students mentally to sit in the class
Ans - B

106.  While learning English as a second language
A.  the mother tongue should not be used by the learners
B.  there is no role of mother tongue in learning L2
C.  the use of mother tongue will facilitate learning
D.  the use of mother tongue will create interference
Ans - C

107.  The process of assessment in a language class should be conducted
A.  during the teaching learning process
B.  for assessing the textual exercises at the end of the chapter
C.  to know the level of students in the class
D.  to know the efficiency of teachers in teaching
Ans - A

108.  As per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005, multilingualism in learning a language should be seen as a
A.  challenge for students to learn many languages
B.  challenge for teachers to manage such classes
C.  hindrance in teaching learning English
D.  resource in teaching-learning English
Ans - D

109.  The most important factor which is responsible for the differentiation between language learning and language acquisition is
A.  language environment
B.  grammar of language
C.  assessment in language
D.  textbook of language
Ans - D

110.  Which one of the following is an essential characteristic of a good textbook in English ?
A.  The maximum number of textual exercises should be given to practice at the end of the lesson.
B.  Every lesson should have a proper introduction at the beginning and conclusion at the end.
C.  It should be based on the guiding principles of curriculum and syllabus
D.  No difficult words should be given in the textbook primary level.
Ans - B

111.  The maximum participation of students is possible while teaching English by the teacher using authentic tasks through
A.  Structural approach
B.  Communicative approach
C.  Grammar translation method
D.  Direct method
Ans - B
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