GA of the Day 29 March

1. China has constructed 3 man made island on which sea? - South China sea

2. According to SC , aadhar cannot be made compulsory for - Benefits under govt's social welfare programmes

3. Which company has commissond 250MW unit on eco-friendly CBFC technology? - BHEL

4. Government has recently decrimiralised attemp to suicide by passing - Mental Health Bill

5. World first nano car race is being held in - France

6. India has decided to jointly lay fuel pipeline with which country? - Nepal

7. The peak rate for GST has been decided at - 40%

8. Which mobile company has sold its 10.3% stake to KKR? -Airtel

9. MP Ravindra Gaikwad who has been banned from Air India belongs to which party - Shiv sena

10. Anti. apatheid activest ahmed kathrada who recently passed belonged to - South Africa
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