GA of the Day 16 February

1. The name and shame campaign was started by which bank against wilful defaults in Kerala ?
 - Catholic Syrian Bank

2. Name the indigenously built Airborne Early Warming and Control System inducted by the Indian Air Force ?
 - Netra

3. In which magazine a research is published regarding swarming behavior of honey bees ?
 - Physical Review E

4. Researchers From IIT ....... have conducted an experiment role of mushroom spores in atmospheric bio-aerosols.
 - Madras

5. Kalimpong district is located in which state ?
 - West Bengal

6. Air India AISATS COOL PORT was launched in -
 - Bengaluru

7. Brad Smith is the President of which company ?
 - Microsoft

8. The International Conference on NexGen Technologies for Mining and Fuel Industries has begun in -
 - New Delhi

9. In which country a new species Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush was found recently ?
- Nepal

10. India signed an agreement with Croatia, which is related to -
 - Economic Cooperation

11. The UNESCO had organized a 2 days Nature Fest in which of the nation park ?
 - Great Himalayan National Park
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