GA of the Day 11 February

1. The Akhil Bhartiya Kabaddi Championship is being held in which state ? - Haryana

2. National Deworming Day was first observed in which year ?  - 2015

 3. India will send its team to which city to find a permanent solution on food security ? - Geneva

4. Sir Peter Mansfield who passed away recently had won the Nobel prize in 2003 for ...........
  - Physiology or Medicine

5. India has rejected which country's panel report regarding India's religious minorities ? - USA

6. Mission XI million has been launched in city ? - New Delhi

7. Aero India 2017 will be held in which city ? - Bengaluru

8. Braille Atlas for visually impaired persons was released in which city by science and technology minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan ? - New Delhi

9. India has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Senegal in the field of -- Medicine

10. As per the report, Maternal Health Series 2016, which state has the lowest caesarean section deliveries in public hospitals ?- Bihar
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