1. A building where animals are killed for meat.
a. Adhesive 
b. Abattoir
c. Masque
d. Altruist

2. What does Oral composition develops?
a. Speaking ability
b. Creative ability
c. Confidence
d. All the above

3. Intensive reading lays stress on mastery of-
a. Skill
b. Evaluation
c. Validation
d. Subject contact

4. Find best expresses the meaning of given idiom/phrase.
'Hole and corner'
a. To run away
b. To get into trouble
c. Secret
d. Defying

5. No human in this world is _____.
a. Infallible
b. Irrevocable
c. Irrefutable
d. none

6. The wisdom is the gift of ______ heaven.
a. An
b. A
c. The
d. No article

7. 3rd form of 'Wear'
a. Worn
b. Wore
c. Weared
d. None of these

8. This is the pen that I bought yesterday.
a. Noun clause
b. Adjective clause
c. Adverb clause
d. None of these

9. Antonym of 'Loft'.
a. Puny
b. Elevated
c. Soaring
d. Towering

10. Who is the writer of 'women's education'-
a. Robert Lyrd
b. Dr. S.R. Radhakrishan
c. A.L. Basham
d. J.D. Ratcliff
Answers:    1-b  2-d  3-d  4-c  5-b  6-d  7-a  8-b  9-a  10-b
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