1. Nida _____ three language: English, French, Spanish.
a. Speak
b. Speaks
c. Spoken
d. None

2. Which of the following is not the latest method of teaching English ?
a. Dr. west’s new method
b. Direct method
c. Bilingual method
d. Substitution method

3. Choose the incorrectly spelt word-
a. Disproportionate
b. Evidence
c. Application
d. Transactions

4. Synonyms of 'Giant’. -
a .Trivial
b. Minor
c. Juqqernaut
d. Tiny

5. Chalkboard is a kind of aid?
a. Audio-visual
b. Visual
c. Projected
d. Audio

6. Prof. B.S.Bloom was associated with the classification of-
a. Objective of teaching chemistry
b. Objective of teaching biology
c. Objective of science teaching
d. Educational objectives

7. Who gave the concept of action verbs?
a. Robert Makes
b. Black
c. Trades
d. Allen

8. Swati is …….most active girl in…… family.
a. the,a 
b. the,the 
c. a,the 
d. a,a

9. Thieves broke …….the hours last night and stole all the money and gadgets.
a. Into 
b. in   
c. out     
d. at

10. I saw…….. accident this morning.
a. A   
b. the 
c. An 
d. no article
Answers:   1-b  2-b  3-b  4-c   5-b  6-d  7-a  8-b  9-a  10-c
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