1: what is the antonym of arrival?
a. Departure
b. Advent
c. Access
d. Approach

2: Which word is the correct synonym for ‘dumb’?
a. Bright
b. stupid
c. Sharp
d. smart

3: “Sneha went for a walk yesterday and her feet hurt today.” In given sentence bold word is example of which noun?
a. Plural noun
b. Common noun
c. Proper noun
d. Material noun

4: “My father______ me this story book yesterday”. Fill correct form of verb in given sentence.
a. Given
b. Give
c. Gave
d. None of these

5: fill in the blanks, He asked us___ show our result.
a. For
b. In
c. With
d. To

6: The substitution table method was adopted by-
a. Dr, west
b. H. E. Palmer
c. Prof. D.J. Dodson
d. Rober Manqer

7: We have been living here _______ six months.
a. ever
c. since
d. for

8:Which of these are structural words?
a. Auxiliaries
b. Preposition
c. Gramatically
d. All of these

9: I went egypt and saw____ Nazar lake.
a. A
b. The
c. An
d. No article use

10: Grammar is taught by the method:
a. Lecture
b. Questioning
c.  Inductive, deductive
d. Written composition

Answers:  1-a  2-b  3-a   4-c  5-d  6-b  7-d  8-d  9-b  10-c

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