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1. The Enchanted Pool===> C. Rajagopalacharu

2. A letter to God==> G.L. fuentes

3. The Ganga===> J.L. Nehru

4. Socrates===>  Rhoda

5. Torch Bearers ===> W.M. Ryburn

6. Our Indian Music ===> R. Srinivasan

7. The Fountain ===> Janmes Russell Lowell

8. The Psalm of life ===> H.W. longfellow

9. The Perfect Life ===> Ben Jonson

10. The Nation's Builders ===> R. M. Emerson

11. The Mountain and The Squirrel-------R.W. Emerson

12. Sympathy------------------Charles Mackay

13. Faithful Friends----------Shakespeare

14. Indian Weavers-----------Sarojini Naidu

15. I Vow To Thee, My Country-------------Sir Cecil Spring

16. Gandhi Ji and a coffee Drinker-----------C. Ramchandran

17. Letter ton the Children of India---------Chacha Nehru

18. Tom Sawyer----------------Mark Twain

19. Marco Polo------------------Mir Najabat

20. Playing the Game----------Arthur Mee

21. A Golden Bowl--------------Jatak Tales

22. Plants also Breathe  and Feel---------------Sir J.C. Bose
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