1. Which among the following is a feature of a child-centred language classroom?
A. Child work individually to prepare projects
B. Teacher plan assessment every day
C. Teacher gives instructions and expects children to obey and be disciplined
D. Children interact in the target language through tasks that require multiple intelligences.

2. An effective lesson for teaching a language begins with-
A. Recapitulation and motivation through fun activity
B. Writing on the blackboard
C. Listing the learning objectives of the lesson
D. Presenting the content of the lesson

3. Fluency in english can be developed through-
A. The teacher being alert to spot the errors and correct them.
B. Allowing students who are not confident to have the freedom to be quiet
C. Creating opportunities to use the target language for communication.
D. The teacher talking for most of the time.

4. Which of the following is the best suited for improving the speaking skills of the learners?
A. Oral language drill
B. Debates and group discussion followed by role play.
C. Recitation of poetry
D. Reading a prose and drama aloud

5. Some noise in the language class indicates.
A. Incompetence of the teacher
B. Construct activities with learners engaged in language learning
C. Indiscipline of language
D. Reading a prose and drama aloud

6. Which is the last stage of teaching oral composition?
A .Written composition stage
B. Pre composition stage
C. Correction work
D. Oral composition stage

7. Teaching objective is determined on the basis of entering behavior of the -
A. Lesson
B. Learner
C. Teacher
D. Parents

8. Composition develops the power of expression and communication through -
A. Understanding
B. Reading
C. Writing
D. Listening

9. Linguistics communicative approach develops-
A. Writing skill
B. Reading skill
C. Listening skill
D. Speaking skill

10. Choose the word which is the most similar meaning of given word-:
A. Behaviour
B. Handle
C. Action
D. Habits

ANS - 1-D 2-A 3-C 4-B 5-B 6-C 7-B 8-C 9-D 10-B

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