GA of the Day 22 March

1. Which mobile payment app will provide insurance cover for the money stored in its e-wallets.--    Paytm

2. Which bank has launched the Mera iMobile banking app for rural customers?-. ICICI

3. Which team won the 2016-2017 vijay hazare trophy tournament?- Tamilnadu

4. Who won the 2017 Indian master's title in masters title in men's sigles category? -  Roger vedere

5. Who has been appointed as Chief Executive officer (CEO) of free charge? -  Jason kothari

6. Which high court has accorded the status of living entities to ganga yamuna? - Uttarakhand

7. Navroz is celebrated by which community? - Zoroastrian

8. PRASAD and HRIDAY schemes come under which ministry? - Culture and Tourism

9. What is the theme of 2017 International day of Forest? - Forests and energy

10. 'Mahi ink is from which state? - Assam
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