GA of the Day 06 March

1. Which university has created the world's thinnest wire from diamond?- Stanford University

2. The central government has increased the ______ allowance by 2%.- Dearance

3. Airtel has signed an agreement with which telecommunication company to combine operation in Ghana?- Millicom International Cellular SA

4. The Union labour Ministry will increase the EPFO stock market exposure to ____ %- 15%

5. The 2017 Economic Cooperation Organization Summit was Held in- Pakistan

6. Which oil and Gas Company has signed a 1st time swap deal for U.S. LNG with Gunvor?- Gas Authority of India Limited

7. As per the Gst Law, business entities with an annual turnover of Rs _____  lakh will be exempted from registration under the Tax regime- 20

8. The Standard and Colours Award is given by the President to - Air Force

9. Which ministry has made Adhar card mandatory for mid day meal scheme?- Human Resource Development

10. Which state has become the first one to get $5 billion investment in Defence sector?- Maharashtra.

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