GA of the Day 6 February

1. India has recently easeol Visa policy for which country ?
 - Afghanistan

2. Nuclear security meet to be held in next week will be hosted by -
 - India

3. Recently deceased Joginder Singh was associated with which of the following agencies ?
  - CBI

4. Gopinathan has been re-appointed to which of the body ?
 - UN

5. Pathani Patnaik was related to which field ?
 - Literature

6. India has signed an agreement regarding a new student exchange program involving a petroleum university with which country ? 
 - Venezuela

7. First-ever Bhojpuri film festival being held in -
 - New Delhi

8. Which state has set up an Anomaly committee to address the grievances of employees ?
 - Assam

9. India has singed an agreement with which of the organisation to improve the quality of technical education in the country ?
 - World Bank

10. An Integrated Underwater Harbour Defense System has been launched by -
 - Navy
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