GA of the Day 07 February

1. Scientists in the US have invented the world's smallest pacemaker to treat which disease ?
 - Bradycardia

2. Center of excellence for Para Sports will be built in which state ?
 - Gujarat

3. ISRO will launch how many satellite from into orbit on its PSLV-C37 rocket on February 15 ?
 - 104

4. Who has been sworn as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu ?
 - V.K. Sasikala

5. Mexico is speeding up free trade negotiations with which country ?
 - Turkey

6. India held talks on Ganga basin development project with which country ?
 - Bangladesh

7. 12th century C.E. Vishnu idols were found in which district of Kashmir ?
 - Anantnag

8. Which state will host film festival on disability ?
 - Goa

9. Which issue will take center stage during World Trade Organisation Director-General Roberto Azevedo 2 day visit to India ?
 - E-Commerce

10. World Interfaith Harmony week was proposed in the year -
 - 2010
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