Q 1-5. Study the following information carefully and answer these question:-
           P,Q,R,S,T,V and W are seven members in a family out of which there are three females and                four males. There are two managers, two lawyers, one teacher, one engineer and one doctor.                No lady is teacher or engineer. R is a lawyer and married to P who is a teacher. V, the engineer,            is married to S who is neither lawyer nor doctor. No two ladies have the same profession. Q is            the sister of W, who is a manager and grandson of V. P is the brother of T who is son of V. T is            unmarried. 

Q 1. How T is related to Q?
   (i) Father
  (ii) Sister
 (iii) Paternal-uncle
 (iv) Brother
  (v) None

Q 2-3 Four of the following five are alike in the certain way so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group?
   (i) P
  (ii) T
 (iii) V
 (iv) W
  (v) S

Q 3. (i) Q-doctor
       (ii) V- engineer
      (iii) W-manager
      (iv) R-manager
       (v) T-lawyer

Q 4. Which of the following group have same profession?
   (i) PQ
  (ii) WS
 (iii) TV
 (iv) VS
  (v) None

Q 5. How S is related to R ?
   (i) Mother
  (ii) Mother- in-law
 (iii) Sister
 (iv) Daughter-in-law
  (v) None

Q 6-10.P,Q,R,S,T,V and W are seven children each of them likes different flavors of ice-cream like-            chocolate, Vanila, Strawberry, Tutti fruit, Black current, Pista and Mango but not necessary in              the same order. Each of them studies in different standard from standard IV to standard X not              necessary in the same order.
         Q studies in VII standard and does not have either black current or tutti fruit as his favorite ice-            cream. R likes chocolaty flavors and does not study either in V or in IX. T studies in VIII                    standard and likes Pista flavors. The one who likes vanilla studies in X standard. S studies in IV          standard. W likes mango flavor. P does not study in X standard. The one who likes Tutti Fruti              studies in V standard.

Q 6. In which standard does W study?
   (i) V
  (ii) IX
 (iii) VIII
 (iv) IV
  (v) X

Q 7. Which flavor does P like?
   (i) Tutti Fruti
  (ii) Chocolaty
 (iii) Mango
 (iv) Pista
  (v) Vanilla

Q 8. Which flavor does S like?
   (i) Chocolaty
  (ii) Strawberry
 (iii) Pista
 (iv) Mango
  (v) Black current

Q 9. In which standard does P study?
   (i) V
  (ii) VII
 (iii) IX
 (iv) IV
  (v) X

Q 10. Which of the following combinations of children-standard-flavor is correct?
   (i) T-VIII-Black current
  (ii) W-VII-Mango
 (iii) Q-VII-Tutti Fruti
 (iv) V-X-Vanilla
  (v) None
ANSWERS :- 1.(iii) 2.(v) 3.(iv) 4.(ii) 5.(ii) 6.(ii) 7.(i) 8.(v) 9.(i) 
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