GA ofthe Day 15 January

1. A week-long Anand Utsav Happiness Festival has begun in which state ?
 - Madhya Pradesh

2. How much will the state Bank of India (SBI) invest in the Oman India Joint Investment Fund (OIJIF) ?
 - $ 50 million

3. Chen Xiexia who has been stripped of her Olympic gold medal of her Olympic Gold medal for taking banned substances, had won it in which category of weightlifting ?
 - 48

4. The Jallikattu Festival was banned by the Supreme Court in which year ?
 - 2014

5. India has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with which country for collaboration in third world countries ?
 - USA

6. Russia on January 13 has decided to leave which intergovernmental organization ?
 - G8

7. Which country has banned the sale and promotion of burqas ?
 - Morocco

8. Who has launched 'Sanchar Aadhar' for Aadhaar based ekyc and digital customer engagement ?

9. Turkey's Parliament has passed how many articles allowing the president to have absolute power ?
 - 3

10. The exorcist novel was released in which year & written by whom -
 -1971, William Peter Blatty

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