GA of the Day

1. Who was the winners at the 23rd Annual Crystal Awards?
- Shakira & Forest Whitakes

2. Which city has temporarily banned diesel cars for two days from plying on the roads on Jaunuary 17 to combat air pollution ?
 - Oslo

3. From which state has the North-East Frontial (NF) Railways announced the launch of Aastha circuit tourist Train ?
 - Guwahati

4. Central, a leading fashion and lifestyle department store has tied up with which bank to launch a unique co-branded credit card ?
 - SBI

5. The Goods and Service Tax (GST) Bill will be implemented from which month ?
 - July

6. Which Telecommunications company has announced the launch of Ditto TV and limited fixed mobile telephony ?

7. What is the highest denomination note printed by Venezuela ?
 - 20000

8. The 2nd Raisina Dialogue will be held in which city ?
 - New Delhi

9. The theme for 47th edition of World Economic Forum is -
 - Responsive and Responsible Leadership

10. Oliver Smithies who passed away recently has won the Nobel prize in -
 - Physiology or Medicine
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