GA of The Day 27 January

1. Name the cricketer who has declined to accept the honorary doctorate from Bangalore University ?
 - Rahul Dravid

2. Usain Bolt has lost his ........ Olympic gold medal after Nesta Carter's positive test.
 - 2008

3. Hong Kong has suspended import of poultry products from which country due to avian flu ?
 - India

4. India has signed a oil reserves pact with which country ?
 - United Arab Emirates

5. Which ministry has issued guidelines regarding national anthem for disabled people ?
 - Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

6. Name the politician who in his address to the nation on January 26 admitted that demonitisation led to temporary economic downfall ?
 - Pranab Mukerjee

7. India on 25 January 25 signed how many agreements with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in various fields ?
 - 14

8. Who have been awarded the the Param Vashisht Seva Medal for distinguished service ?
 - PraveenBakshi & PM Hariz

9. Retailers in which state have announced a ban on Pepsi 4 coca-cola from March 1 ?
 - Tamil Nadu

10. How many politicians were honored with the 2017 Padma Vibhushan ?
 - 4
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