GA of the Day 26 January

1. Name the Businessman who will be the 1st trillionare in the next 25 years ?
 - Bill Gates

2. Buffalo race "Kambala" is celebration in which state ?
 - Karnataka

3. Which state's chief minister has constituted a committee to examine and recommend measures for implementation of digital payment system ?
 - Andhra Pradesh

4. Which company on January 25 nominated Satya Nadella to join its Board ?
 - Starbucks

5. Which country carried out the test of missile, 'Ababeel' ?
 - Pakistan

6. Who has been appointed as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ?
 - Mike Pameo

7.  The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) antennas are located in which country ?
 - Chili

8. Who among has been honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for philanthropic work ?
 - Neeta Ambani

9. Who has been appointed as a New FCC Chief ?
 - Ajit Patel

10. Which edition of national voters day was celebrated on 25 January 2017 ?
 - 7th
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