GA of the Day 25 January

1. Who has become the oldest Grand Slam semi finalist in Australian Open ?
 - Venus Williams

2. Which company has obtained licensed to sell reinsurance in India ?
 - Swiss Re

3. Which state has made a comeback on Republic Day parade after 3 years ?
 - Himanchal Pradesh

4. The time limit fixed by government to complete enquiry against all India service officers is -
 - 6 months

5. Rubber soil information system has been launched by which ministry ?
 - Commerce Ministry

6. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth is the new PM of which country ?
 - Maurtius

7. Which taxi aggregators has launched a new food delivery service ?
 - Uber

8. Which institute has generated high-energy particles using a solar power system ?
 - IISER Pune

9. Which Bank has the weakest anti money laundering system ?
 - Cooperative Bank

10. NK Singh committee is related to which matter ?
 - Fiscal Policy
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