GA of the Day 10 January

1. Who has won the 2017 Qatar open tennis title in the men's single category ?
  - Nevak Djokovic

2. Who has been awarded Infosys Prize 2016 in Humanities ?
 - Sunil Amrith

3. Who has won the 3rd Kolkata open National Invitation Snooker Championship 2017 ? 
 - Pankaj Advani

4. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani died recently. He was the former president of ?
 - Iran

5. Which state has been conferred with the "National e-Governance Award" at the 20th national conference on e-Governance ?
 - Gurugram

6. Who has won the prestigious technical achievement award this year ?
 - Parag Havaldar

7. Prime minister Narendra Modi launched Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PKVY), a skill development program targeted at -
 - Youth

8. Who has dedicated the street lighting national program (SLNP) to the nation. It is the world's largest street light replacement program ?
 - Piyush Goyal

9. What is the meaning of Gilt edged Market ?
 - Government Security

10. Recently with which country India has sign 6 agreements including on in defer cooperation ?
 - Portugal

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