GA of the Day 07 January

1. Name of the Indian teenager, who has won the prestigious travel photographer of the year award 2016 ?
- Darpan Barak & Ankit Kumar

2. Which country has launched its longest high-speed train Shangri-la of the World ?
 - China

3. Which bank has tied up with Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) for augmenting capital support to enterprises in the country ?

4. Who wrote Puri's biography titled 'Unlikely Hero : The Story of Om Puri' ?
 - Nandita Puri

5. Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, who died recently was a famous ?
 - Singer

6. Who has declared the year 2017 as the International year of sustainable tourism for development ?
 - UNGA( United Nation General Assembly )

7. Which bank has Partnered with Gupshup a leading bot platform to launch 'Yes mPower' a banking chat bot for its loan products ?
 - Yes Bank

8. Recently with which country India has signed an MOU in the field of Agriculture and allied services ?
 - Kenya & Portugal

9. Who has launched a Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) enforcement toolkit for police ?
 - Nirmala Sitharaman

10. Who has appointed Reliance Power Company's new chief financial officer ?
 - Suresh Nagarajan

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