GA of the Day 03 January

1. Who has won the Mubadala World Tennis Championship ?
- Rafael Nadal (Spanish)

2. Who has signed an agreement to set up a $950 million liquefied natural gas import project in Bangladesh ?
- Petronet

3. Name of the Both Hindi writers who have been chosen for Bhartiya Jnanpith Navlekhan Award for the year 2016 ?
- Shraddha & Ghyansham Kumar Devansh

4. Which country has delivered four Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to China after a delay of two years ?
- Russia

5. An Indian-origin Saudi-based entrepreneur, Shaikh Rafik Mohammad has been appointed Major General of which country ?
- Kyrgyzstan

6. Who has been removed from the post of BCCI president by the Supreme Court ?
- Anurag Thakur

7. Which state has become the first state in India to go fully organic ?
- Sikkim

8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a scheme to provide pregnant women financial ail of Rs 6,000 as part of efforts to bring down the maternal mortality rate. The scheme will be applicable over how many districts of the country ?
- 650

9. India & which country exchanged the list of their nuclear installations and facilities under the agreement on the prohibition of against Nuclear installations ?
- Pakistan

10. What is the Name of India's star singles player who has announced his retirement from professional tennis ?
- Somdev Devvasma
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