GA of the 9 January

1. Who will head the Saudi Arabia-led 39-nation Islamic military coalition formed to combat terrorism ?
 - Raheel Sharif

2. Who have been selected for the prestigious Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Award, the highest civilian award given to overseas Indians and people of Indian origin ?
 - Bharat Barai & Smapat Shivangi

3. Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of the standing fire advisory council (SFAC) for its fire services in India ?
 - Randeep Hooda

4. According to SBI research, what is the estimated GDP growth rate in the current fiscal (2016-17) ?
 - 6.7%

5. Matitali Kusti, a short film has won the film-fare award in non-fiction category, which is directed by ?
 - Prantik Deshmukh

6. Who has announced its partnership with Twenty four seven to allow to consumers to pay for more than 3500 products and services at every twenty four seven store  using their wallet ?
 - Freecharge

7. Who has been appointed as the International Event Ambassador for the 14th standard chartered Mumbai Marathon to be held on January 15 ?
 - David Rudisha

8. According to central statics office (CSO) for the year 2016-17. India's GDP growth  rate will be -
 - 7.1%

9. Recently who has announced Rs. 1,000 monthly living wages for 'distressed lonely women' in the state ?
- K Chandrasekhar Rao

10. Road Transport and Highways minister ............ will launch two mobile apps 'm-Parivahan' & 'e-challan' to enhance road safety.
 - Nitin Gadkare
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