GA of the Day 4Dec.

1. Who has been awarded this year's prestigious international children's peace prize for her fight for climate justice and combating environment degradation- Kehkashan Basu
2. Which state tourism has been adjudged as 'one of the best emerging destination for adventure' by a leading us based travel magazine conde nast - Jammu Kashmir
3. What is the rank of P.V. Sindhu in the BWF world Ranking- 7th
4. Who has announced his retirement from Formula one after winning the title for marcedes- Nico Rosberg.
5. What is the India's GDP forecast for 2016-17 according to India Rating- 6.8%
6. Name of the National stock exchange's managing direction & CEO,Who retired recently- Chitra Ramkrishna
7. What is the name of track & fields male athlete of the year, winning the award from the sport's governing body IAAF fro the Sixth Time- Usain Bolt
8. Which airport is the '22nd most  connected airport in the world according to air travel intelligence company OAG- Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.
9. Who has been chosen as sport Illustrated's sportsperson of the year- Lebron James 
10. What is the name of veteran poet & former Rajya Sabha MP who died recently- Bekal utsahi.
GA for Bank/IIPB 3 Dec.
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