GA of the Day for Bank/SSC 23 Dec.

1. Recently which country has launched a global carbon dioxide monitoring satellite 'Tansat' to understand climate change ?
- France

2. How many writers have been named for this year's prestigious Sh. Sahitya Academy Award ?
- 24

3. Who has been re-elected unopposed as the president of All India Football Federation (AIFF) for a four year term for the third time ?
- Praful Patel

4. Kaisa Matomaki and Maksym Rodzi will have jointly won the 2016 SASTRA - Ramanujan Award for mathematics for their work on ?
- Multi Digital Operation

5. Who has been named the ICC cricketer of the year and Test Cricketer of the year aluring the ICC Awards ?
- Ravichandran Ashwin

6. Who has been named the captain of the ICC ODI Team of the year ?
- Virat Kohli

7. How much amount of loan was recently sanctioned by BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) for solar project in China ?
- 7.5 million US dollar

8. According to a data released by Forbes Magazine, which country emerged as the largest economy  in the world ?

9. India Travelers will not be eligible for Visa-Free entry to which  country from 23 Jan 2017 ?
- Hong Kong

10. Which Union Territory for become the first cashless region of the country ?
- Daman and Diu
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