GA of the Day for Bank/IPPB 25 Dec.

1. Which Bollywood Superstar has become the top earning celebrity of 2016 in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list.
- Salman Khan

2. Which Agency has launched a solid fuel rocket named Epsilon-2 from the Uchinoura Space Center in Southern Japan ?
- Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

3. Who has imposed a complete ban or burning of waste in open places across the country & announced a fine of Rs. 25,000 on each incident of bulk waste burning ?
- National Green Tribunal

4. Who has announced the launch of its free high-speed Wi-fi at Udhagamandalam, ooty making it the 100th railway station in India with the service ?
- Google

5. Which bank has launched a Mobile application eazy pay for merchants that pay for merchants that allows consolidation of all modes of Payment ?

6. Who has been chosen as the winner of the Prestigious Jnanpith award for 2016 ?
- Shankha Ghosh

7. Empowered Committee on GST is headed by whom ?
- Amit Mitra

8. Who is the present Chairman of TRAI ?
- Ram Sevak Sharma

9. Which Indian Cricket team beat Sri Lanka by 34 runs to win the 2016 edition of the Youth Asia Cup their third consecutive title win ?
- Under-19

10. Which Ministry announced revised passport application rules, under which producing birth Certiifcate is not mandatory and Aadhar cards will be accepted as Proof of Birth ?

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