GA of the Day for Bank/IPPB 17 Dec.

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1. Recently who became the first female cricketer to win both ICC's ODI and T20 player of the year award ?
 - Suzie Bates (New Zealand).

2. Which has been re-appointed to the civil Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee of the US Department of commerce ?
- Vijay Sazawal

3. Alastair Cook became the they youngest player to complete 11,000 Test runs. He belongs to -

4. According to Pew Research, what is India's rank in the list of countries having maximum number of International migrants?
- 1

5. US President Donald Trump has nominated David Friedman as is ambassador to - Israel

6. Which state has become the first state to adopt the center's Mahila Police volunteer scheme in two of its districts and has inducted 1,000 women as part of the program? 
- Haryana

7. Who has been appointed as the deputy secretary General of UN ?
- Amina Mohammad

8. Who will be conferred Bharatmuni Samman 2016 ?
- Tijan Bai

9. For the first time, which Indian American Woman has been elected as the new Mayer of the key California City of Cupertino ?
- Savita Vaidhyanathan

10. .......... and UK based scholar in Sanskrit, Tamil and Telgu John Ralston Marr have been named for this year's SIES - Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswati National Eminence Award.

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