GA of the day for Bank/IPPB 16 Dec.

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1. Noble Prize winner the mas Schelling who died recently was related to which field?- Economics
2. For the current year, who was conferred with the France's top civilian honor-officer de la legion d honneur?- Shobhana Bhartiya
3. Who has been named as the world's most powerful person by Forbes, for the fourth consecutive year?- Vladimir Putin
4. Who among the following has been named world's most powerful CEO by Forbes?- Larry Page
5. According to research by global consulting major Capgemini, which country has emerged as the most preferred destination for innovation in Asia?- India
6. Who among the following has been included in BBC's most influent women of the past 70 years list?- Jayaben Desai
7. The government has cleared the proposal to link a revised air services agreement between India and ________ with an objective to improve air connectivity b/w the two countries?- Nigeria
8. Government of which state Stanford University and Antara Foundation signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding with a purpose to improve the quality of medical education and training by sharing digital course, e-books and research papers through the Internet?- Rajasthan
9. Recently the Government has extended the e-Tourist Visa facility to citizens of how many countries?-161
10. What is the name of the Indigenously- Designed Cruise missile launched by Pakistan that can hit target at 700 Kms?- Babur.
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Free Mock Test for IPPB Pre Exam
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