GA of the day for Bank/IPPB 15 Dec.

Free Mock Test for IPPB Pre Exam
1. Rajya Sabha has passed the Rights of persons with Disabilities Bill, 2014 That repeats Persons with Disabilities Act of- 1995
2. "Indra Navy 2016" is a joint Naval Exercise Between- India & Russia
3. Which digital payment solution was recently launched by Vodafone for merchants & retailers to receive cashless payments from Customers?- M-Pesa Pay
4. What is the India's rank according to the recently released 2016 IHS Jane's Defense Budgets report?- 4
5. Name the only Indian Woman Cricketer who has been named in the ICC's women's Team of the year 2016?- Smriti Mandhana
6. Which has won a gold medal at the national Boxing championships in the light weight (60 kg) category recently ?- Shiva Thapa.
7. Who has nominated for "The Global teacher Prize 2017?- Kavita Sanghvi
8.  Which site has been recently Indulged in the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO?- Rio de Janeiro
9. Famous Cricketer Sid O'Linn Died recently.l he was hailed from which Country?- South Africa
10. Who has been awarded the prestigious "Hunterian Professorship and the medal for 2017" by UK's Royal College of Surgeons for his research on stem cell in articular cartilage repair?- Anan Shetty.
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Free Mock Test for IPPB Pre Exam
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