GA of the Day for Bank/IPPB 13 Dec.

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1. Government of which state would celebrate "Beti Bachao-Beti Padho Divas" on January 22, Next year, by laying the foundation stone for 22 girls colleges in the State?- Haryana
2. Which city will host the world's first ever wind music festival on December 17?- Visakhapatnam
3. famous book "Emient world Scientists" written by- Sicily Kodian
4. Recently who has been confused with Golden Jubilee lifetime Achievement Award by the sports Journalists Association of Mumbai (SJAM)?- Sunil Gavaskar
5. Who has been appointed as New Zealand's new prime minister folloeing registration of John Key from his post?-  Bill English
6. Who has been appointed as the new head of the Pakistan's powerful spy agency ISI?-  Naveed Muktar
7. Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohali along with which Bollywood actor have been roped into become the good will ambassadors for "skill india"?- Sidhartha Malhotra
8. After a Tv  channel & a website to promote digital payments, which toll-free helpline number will be launched soon to educate people and provide support related to cashless mode of transactions?- 14444
9. Which country has launched a new weather satellite "Fengyun-4" marking an upgrade of its meteorological satellites in geostationary orbit?- China
10. Im which country the world's longest tunnel, Gott hard BaseTunnel (GBT) was officially opened for regular rail service?- Switzerland
History of the Day 13 Dec. 
Free Mock Test for IPPB Pre Exam
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