GA of the day For Bank/IIPB 08 Dec.

1. According to a new list released by glassdoor, which company became the best technology company to work for in in 2017 in US?- Facebook
2. in order to enhance cooperation in education b/w two countries, in which country India will establish a center of excellence in information technology?- Egypt
3. "Konkan 16" is a joint naval exercise between- India-Britain
4. What is the name of the satellite which was recently launched by ISRO from the Satish Dhawan Space center in Sriharikota, Andra Pradesh?- RESOURCESAT-2A
5. Cho Ramaswamy, who died recently was a famous- Journalist, Rajya Sabha Member, Political Commentator.
6. What is the new Repo Rate according to the Bi Monetary policy review by RBI?- 6.25%
7. According to RBI, Which of the following is the economic growth forecast for the year 2016-17?- 7.1%
8. Which person shall succeed chief Justice TS Thakur, who will retire on 3 January 2017?- Jagdish Singh khera
9. According to world economic Forum, which Language has been selected as the most powerful language on the planet?- English
 10. Sitarist Anoushka Shankar & Amy Director Asif Kapadia have been nominated for which award- 58th Grammy Award.
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