GA of the Day for Bank 31 Dec.

1. Who has inaugurated the world's highest bridge that rises 565 meters above the Nizhu river Canyon & connects the Suthern provinces of Yuman and Guizhou ?
- China

2. President Pranab Mukerjee inaugurated the 77th session of Indian History Congress at which place ?
- Thiruvanthapurma

3. Which famous personality has been conferred with honorary D. Litt degree by the Dy Patil University on its 5th conservation ceremony ?
- Anuradha Paudwal

4. Who has clinched a gold medal in senior National Weightlifting Championship ?
- Vishal Solanki

5. Debble Reyneld, Who has passed away recently, is related to which field ?
- Actor

6. Who has been named formula 1's greatest one-time world Champion by BBC sport readers ?
- Niqel Mansell

7. Swachh Swasth Sarvatra initiative aimed at strengthening health centres in open defuation-fru blocks will be launched by which ministry ?
- Union Health Ministry

8. Who has been appointed as the director general of J& K police in place of K Rajendra Kumar ?
- SP Vaid

9. Who has signed two more advance pricing agreements (APAs), taking the total number of such pacts to 117 ?
- Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)

10. Which bank has launched QIP to raise over Rs. 599.88 crore by issuing 4.25 crore shares in domestic or international markets ?
- Lakshmi Vilas Bank
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