GA of the day 5 Dec.

5 dec. 2016

1. Football's world governing body (FIFA) declared the last three candidates for players of the year award. These three players are:- 1. Cristiano Ronaldo- Portugal
                                                    2. Lionel Misse- Argentina
                                                    3. Antoine Grijman- French
2. Who presented the national awards for empowerment of persons with disabilities, 2016 to the occasion of International day of persons with Disabilities,(3rd december)- Shri Pranab Mukhrji
3.  Which University have developed a small device to measure the Ph of any Solution- IIT kharagpur
4. India defeated which country to get ninth place in the world women's  team squash championship- Canada
5. According to chairman & Managing director Ved Prakash to government is planning to sell 15% stake in start-run trading firm MMTC in the Current fiscal year
6. Who defeats Hui Zhen Grace Chua of singapore to enter into the final of the tata open India International Challenge- Shreyanshi Pardeshi
7. Which firm has started started south Asia's first Block chain incubator called satoshi Studios in India- Bitcoin Firm.
8. The sixth "Heart of Asia" ministerial conference to discus peace, cooperation and economic development in Afghanistan started in which city- Amritsar
9. Which bank has offered customers opening a saving account one minute of talk time on their Airtel mobile for every rupee deposited- Airtel Payment Bank
10. Indian Navyu day observed on which date of December- 4 December.
GA for Bank/IIPB 3 Dec.
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