GA of the Day 30 Dec.

1. Who has been named the top grossing actor of 2016 by Forbes magazine ?
- Scarlett Johnson

2. Who has been appointed the new lieutenant Governor of Delhi ?
- Anil Baijal

3. Who was sworn in as the 88th President of Indian Medical Association (IMA) ?
- Dr K. K. Aggarwal

4. Who has inaugurated a China-packed 340 MW nuclear power plant in its Punjab province ?
- Nawaz Sharif

5. Which government has signed a MOU with IIM, Ahmedabad for setting up an international standard Jharkhand innovation lab ?
- Jharkhand

6. Who has been voted the European Sportsperson of the Year by the polish news agency PAP ?
- Cristiano Ronaldo

7. Who has started transporting bottled water to other parts of the country by charter trains from the Himalayan rivers in Tibet ?
- China

8. Who has inaugurated country's first Digital Investigation Training &  Analysis Center (DITAC) at Gurugram ?
- Manohar Lal Khattar (Haryana's CM)

9. The Indian Air Force Advanced Landing Ground, ALG at Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh has become functional. The ALG was inaugurated by which miniter ?
- Pemakhandu

10. Twitter & which Bank announced a partnership that integrates a slew of digital customer fcare  support features for the bank ?

- ICICI Bank
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