GA of the Day 28 Dec.

1. Which company has appointed Bollywood film star Akshay Kumar, as the brand ambassador for its commercial vehicle business unit- TATA Motors

2. Coca-Cola India has signed which Bollywood actor as brand ambassador for its thumps up Brand- Ranveer Singh

3. Which company successfully tested the stealth fighter plan FC-31 to increase its military capacity- China

4.  Who has appointed as the director General of National Cadet Corps (NCC)- Vinod Vashist

5. Prime Minister Narebdra Modi laid the foundation stone of the Char Dham Highway Development Project in which Place.- Uttarakhand

6. Which country has launched a fundraising campaign for Syrians displayed by a five year civil war?- Saudi Arabia

7. Who has passed a  new law to levy environment tax on polluters specially on heavy industries?- China

8. George Michael has passed away he was related in which field?- Singer

9. Who has decided to launched new malaria control program Durgama Anchalare Malaria a Nirakaran (DAMAN)- Odisha

10. The First Digi Dhan mela in the Country was organised in which place?- Gurugram.

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