English 30 Question for UPTET

61. The research reported here is based at a survey.
A- Based on a                                  
B- Based at a 
C- Based on an
D- Based into a
62- The two kinds of vocabulary are:
A- Active and Passive vocabulary
B- Indian and Foreign vocabulary
C- Little and Large vocabulary
D- None of these
63- Words that convey the meaning given in the dictionary is called:
A- Lexical
B- Morphological
D- All of these
64- I went Egypt and saw____ Nazar lake.
A- A
B- The
C- An
D- No article use
65- He as well as his friends____ bought toys.
A- Have                           B- Are
C- Has                              D- Were
66- Milk turns ____ curd.
A- In                                B- Upon
C- Into                             D- Under
67- You should construct this building by ___ engineer.
A- A                                  B- An
C- The                              D- None
68- ___ Sahara is the warmest desert.
A- An                                B- The
C- A                                   D- None
69- Sita is as beautiful as Rekha.
A- Positive degree
B- Comparative degree
C- Superlative degree
D- None
70- Reliance company is distributing 4G jio sim at free of cost ____ us.
A- Among                       B- Amongst
C- Between                    D- None
71- Please translate this ___ Hindi.
A- In                                 B- Into
C- As                                 D- Like
72- I wrote my biography ____ this lucky pen.
A- By                              B- With
C- From                         D- For
73- The birds are flowing ___ the lake.
A- Under                       B- Above
C- Over                          D- Below
74- The dog jumped ____ the cat.
A- On                            B- In
C- Into                          D- Upon
75- Narendra Modi ____ signed 12 MOU with Vietnam.
A- Have                     B- Was
C- Has                        D- Have been
76- Ramesh is a good athlete that ____ awarded from Dronacharya awards 2016.
A- Was                        B- Is
C- Had                         D- Has
77- Find odd word-
A- Reveal                    B- Conceal
C- Unveil                    D- Divulge
78- What is the synonym of Frighten.
A- Daunt                   B- Embolden
C- Attractive            D- Beautiful
79- Ten thousand I saw at a glance.
A- Personification
B- Simile
C- Oxymoron
D- Hyperbole
80- My students may offer either English ___ French.
A- Nor                  B- Neither
C- Or                    D- None of these
81- A mom seldom or ___ goes to the gym.
A- ever                 B- Either
C- Never              D- None of these
82- He is as noble as his father.
A- Metaphor
B- Simile
C- Oxymoron
D- None of these
83- Language learning starts from
A- Reading                      B- Speaking
C- Writing                       D- Listening
84- He is blind ___ his own fault.
A- With                            B- To
C- Of                                 D- By
85- The soldiers _____ through the town.
A- Walked                      B- Marched
C- Ran                             D- Died
86- Which of following in possessive case?
A- I                                  B- He
C- Me                             D- Mine
87- The Poem " The Nation Builders " is composed by which of the following poets?
A- H W Longfellow
B- William Wordsworth
C- Ralf Waldo Emerson
D- Benjonson
88- A person who regards the whole world as his country is :
A- Patriot                              B- Nationalist
C- Cosmopolitem                D- Metropolitan
89- The lesson " Torch Bearers" is written by which of the following writers?
A- AG Gardiner
B- WM Played
C- HG Wells
D- Rhoda Power
90- Which of the following is not the latest method of teaching English?
A- Bilingual method
B- Dr West's New method
C- Direct Method
D- Substitution method
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