English Quiz-1

Q1. Look _____ what you have _______ to the paining?
a- at, done
b- after, drawn
c- over, marked
d- for, sketched

Q2. Stop _____ me your vanity.
a. show          b. shows
c. showing     d. none of these

Q3. he travels by ____ bus.
a. A
b. An
c.  the
d. no article use before bus.

Q4. Dr. west's new method lays stress on.
a. Listening skill
b. speaking skill
c. reading skill
d. writing skill

Q5. English language has sound:
a. 26          
b. 45
c. 28
d. 44

Q6. Identify the odd word from the following.
a. Spellbound
b. enamoured
c. mesmerize
d. uproot

Q7. Method of teaching pronunciation.
a. Limitation
b. phonetic
c. Subsidiary
d. All

Q8. The dog has been _____ since morning.
a. bark
b. barkes
c. barking
d. barked

Q9. Tell me where is.-
a. Noun Clause
b. Adjective Clause
c. Adverb Clause
d. None of these

Q10. Vocabulary cab be defined as:
a. A list of words
b. A supply of expressive mean
c. A repertoire communication
d. all of these

 Answers:- 1a, 2c, 3d, 4c, 5b, 6d, 7d, 8c, 9a, 10

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